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Writing a CV can be the most rewarding action you take when trying to obtain a new job. Write a good, concise CV and you are more than half way to getting the job.

Here are a few pointers to set you on your way:


When writing a CV, put yourself in the employers’ shoes and ask yourself what would make a candidate stand out to you? Have you made your company money? Have you implemented your own systems? Did you secure promotions? Did you smash your sales targets? If so, be sure to include it!


Employers want to gain a clear picture of what you do and what you have done. Listing these duties & responsibilities in bullet points rather than paragraphs ensures this is easy to read and gives the employer a clear picture of your experience.


Have you had a high volume of jobs within a short space of time? Don't panic! By including a ‘reason for leaving’ under each role (whether it be redundancy, a temp/contract role or a relocation), this will eliminate any concerns.


This may sound obvious, but employers will want to see the relevant skills and experience for the job you have applied for. Are you changing career? If so, try to focus on the transferable skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.


Set out your skills and competences clearly and logically, so that your relevant experience and achievements stand out. Pay attention to details such as spelling and punctuation, and always spell-check!


There is a common myth amongst job seekers that CV’s should be no longer than two pages, however if you are an experienced candidate you may have bags of relevant experience to show off! Although we encourage candidates to make their CV as tidy as possible, do not feel pressured into cutting out key information to shorten your CV. We have placed plenty of candidates with CV’s over 5 pages long!

IT Skills

Include a clear list of computer programmes and software you have used. Did you use a bespoke CRM system in your last role? If so, include it! Be sure to include everything, including the obvious ones such as Word, Outlook and Excel. If you are an advanced Excel user and are competent with pivot tables and vlookups, be sure to include this too!

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