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Roxanne Elkins

Temps Manager

Temps staffing is a challenge, but you wouldn’t guess from watching our temps manager Roxanne. She has a look of confidence when she works. A decade of customer service helps of course. In the fast paced world of temping, She keeps several plates in the air. Finding temps at short notice, sometimes when availability is low, all while constantly building new relationships with her current staff.


In search of fresh start and new challenge, Roxanne found the skills she built over a decade in hospitality were a great fit for recruitment. By being invested in her temps, it’s easy to understand her success in the field. Not only is she talented at what she does, but she cares.


“I love to tell someone that they have got the job! It is a nice feeling to hear their excitement. For some people, finding work isn’t easy, so to be a part of that is definitely one of my favourite things.”


Growing the brand


For Roxanne, reputation is key, therefore, She has worked hard to be a well known name among employers in the local area. likewise, The Dove is a respected brand in no small part to her efforts.


Year you joined The Dove: 2012


Three best words to describe you: Pragmatic, relaxed & sociable


What’s your favourite drink: New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc


Name your favourite song: Maroon 5 – She will be loved


What’s your favourite film: Good Will Hunting


Tell me your favourite past-time: Spending time with Friends and Family, trying something new in London, a new restaurant or day out.


Favourite place on earth: Las Vegas


What is your favourite animal: Dogs


First thing I’d buy with £1m: A holiday for friends and family… somewhere relaxing but fun.


Favourite food: Pizza – absolutely no pineapple anywhere near it


If I could choose three people (dead or alive) for a dinner party: Elton John, Robin Williams and The Queen


Roxanne Elkins’ is the Temps Manager at the Dove Partnership. Contact her to enquire about the latest job roles in Hertfordshire and Essex.


Direct Line: 01279 756962