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Cover Letter Advice

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Set yourself apart from the other candidates. Follow our advice when writing a cover Letter to get a step ahead. Creating a solid cover letter that stands out is half way to securing an interview. It’s usually the first contact you have with an employer, so don’t waste the opportunity to make a great first impression. Cover letters are a great way to hand-pick your experience that the employer is looking for, be it specific duties, industries or computer programmes!

How to write the perfect cover letter

Research the company and the job. Find out what they do and who their competition is and tailor your letter accordingly.

The opening paragraph should state the position you are applying for and where you found out about the vacancy.

Explain why you are the best person for the job – show off your skills and experience and point out why they are relevant.

If applicable, give examples of where you have been successful in similar situations.

End by reiterating your interest in the role and provide your availability for interview.

Make sure you spell check! Ask someone else to read over it to double check for any mistakes.

Make sure it's in your own words.

Last but not least, be original!

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