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Jenny Hooper

Branch Manager

Jenny Hooper is the most hands-on of the three directors. She also does the job of branch manager and permanent consultant, making her the busiest in the office. Despite being occupied for most of the day, Jenny manages to Take it in her stride. She's always organised and always knows what is going on in the office. Starting out as a recruitment consultant, Jenny's hard work and loyalty earned her a directorship in the business.

You can tell Jenny's committed and caring nature from the sound of her booming voice ringing around the office, and when she is regularly on the line with candidates and clients who love her for it.

Q & A

Year you joined?


Three words that describe you?

Loud, Happy and Loyal

Favourite food?


What's your favorite drink?


Name your Favourite song?

Wilson Phillips - Hold on

Name your favourite film?

Tell me your favourite pastime:

Favourite place on earth?


What's your favourite animal?

First thing you'd buy with £1m?

If you could choose three people (dead or alive) for a dinner party, who would it be?