Meet Our

Friendly Team


John Sims

Director & Founder

John has worn a lot of hats in his career. He is certainly a man many talents, working in stockbroking and IT before finally recruitment. Before Founding Dove with his wife Mal, he already had 40 years in recruitment under his belt.  John was enjoying retirement when close friends asked for his help in starting an Agency. John and Mal obliged and in 2002 the journey had begun. The couples friends had second thoughts and decided to step down. That might have been the end of the story were it not for another friend in need.

John and Mal found they enjoyed running their new business, not least because of how it helped the people they employed. It's that same principle that has helped to build the Dove into the unique company it is today.

Serving the Community

"Starting a business had one main challenge that is spending an inordinate length of time convincing potential clients that u are different from the majority of other agencies. Honest, Professional, putting clients needs first are words only. You need to be working with them to prove the words so it’s a type of Catch 22 till you do."

Liaising with clients, candidates and staff is John's favourite part of the job. The biggest reward is seeing the people he works with achieve their goals. Johns main ambition is to maintain his income from the company while increasing profit so that he can share more of the company with his staff.

Q & A

Year you joined?


Three words that describe you?

Honest, reliable & social

Favourite food?


What's your favorite drink?

Vodka Fanta Lemon

Name your Favourite song?

Anything from Les Miserables

Name your favourite film?

Once upon a time in America

Tell me your favourite pastime:


Favourite place on earth?

My bed

What's your favourite animal?


First thing you'd buy with £1m?

A memory

If you could choose three people (dead or alive) for a dinner party, who would it be?

Spike Milligan, Muhammed Ali and Robin Williams