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Mal Sims


What would you do if you found out early retirement wasn’t that great? Mal decided the solution was found a company alongside her Husband John. it was 2002 when the couple was approached by friends who asked for help starting a Hospitality agency. So, the couple put their recruitment experience to use. That combined with a view of how things could be done better was a good kick start. After their friends had a change of heart, Mal and John changed the Dove from a  hospitality agency into an agency for clerical jobs.


Being naturally sociable and above all passionate about the field, Mal took starting her own agency in her stride. After all how hard could it be when you love what you do? To clarify, starting a business isn’t a simple task. Mal and John found it challenging putting the right team together in order to earn the trust of local clients. Mal accepts the easy and more difficult parts of her job because her main concern is knowing that Dove is doing well.


“I enjoy all aspects of my work”


Year you joined The Dove: Founder


Three best words to describe you: Sociable, friendly & reliable


What’s your favourite drink: Lambrusco


Name you favourite song: Marvin Gaye – Heard It through the grapevine


What’s your favourite film: Love story


Tell me your favourite past-time: Spending time with my grandchildren


Favourite place on earth: Florida


What is your favourite animal: Dog


First thing you would buy with £1m: Spend, spend, spend


Favourite food: Open to lots


If I could choose three people (dead or alive) for a dinner party: Rod Stewart, Adele and Nigel Farage